Chilcuague Benefits At A Glance

Chilcuague Benefits At A Glance

The Effect: 

It's not just about clearing your palate; it's about fortifying your very being. Dive into the host of wellness and biohacking marvels that Chilcuague provides.

Imagine feeling the soothing anti-inflammatory serpentine waves of Chilcuague as it sweeps through your senses, restoring balance and vitality. This isn't just about healing the body; it's about harmonizing the soul.

This power plant is known for the unique sensory experience that it creates similar to that of pop rocking candy with a few extra twists and turns. An experience that can last up to a few minutes. 

In short, we like to refer to it as "subtle fireworks in the mouth". 

For the majority of people we hear the consistent feedback that “I’ve never tried anything like this before”.

Contrary to some superfoods and power plants that can take extended periods of use to see a benefit, with Chilcuague, the effect is undeniable within a few seconds of your first spray.

It is a very clear and obvious sensory experience which also results in ones awareness being called into the present immediately as the fireworks activate.

Some customers have mentioned the application of this for ceremonial use, meditation, biohacking, yoga and more as it supports us to drop into a state of depth and clarity. 

The Benefits:

Boost Natural Salivation

 Natural Remedy for Cotton Mouth / Dry Mouth


Similar effects to caffeine without the jitters or caffeine crash (article)

Deep Focus / Flow States

Contains alkaloids that support Deep Focus, Flow States and Concentration

Palate Cleanser

Revives / Sharpens Flavour Senses


 Natural Sore Throat Remedy

Just For Fun (Intimate Play) 

For a Moist Experience in the bedroom

Antifungal / Antimycotic

Athletes Foot / Candida, Fungal overgrowth, etc…


Hand Sanitizer

Anaesthetic / Painkiller

Tooth & Gum Pain
Teething Pains (applied with a natural swab)


Supports healing of Ulcers


Strips Mucus and Congestion from the system


Supports against Parasites

Immune Booster

General Wellness


Supports against Pathogenic (bad) Bacteria

External Uses

Bug Bites
Skin Wounds
Itchy Skin

Vibrational upgrade: Chilcuague has a few popular names, it was also known to be called 'the root of gold / raiz de oro', while other groups referred to it as Chilcoatl in the indigenous Nahuatl language.

Coatl means serpent in Nahuatl.

It was known that the tingling vibrational effect felt on the tongue from this plant was a toning to ones environment similar to the way a serpent knows its environment through good vibrational relationship to the tongue.

Therefore this is seen as a medicine to help you be clean and true to your word.

If you're ready to welcome this power-plant into your self-care apothecary you can find the highest quality, pocket friendly Chilcuague right here

STAY TUNED: We will be releasing an updated blog post which will discuss all these benefits and more at depth in the coming week! 

This will be a potent deep dive into the miracle that Chilcuague is for fortifying our system and giving us access to the greatest human experience. 

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